Life II

Do it because you love it
Love her because you love it
Fight hard because you want it
Rest hard when you need it
If you know yourself
Stick by it
Trust yourself
And do the best you can by it
Don’t ask her to pat you on the head
To kiss it better
Make her a cup of tea whilst you’re crying with sadness
And hug together when you’re both visited by madness
Natural giving
A life worth living
Some bad days will happen
And awful days too
But life has a plan waiting in the shadows
Waiting for you
She will love you
She will hate you
But you must trust yourself
Then you will know if she is for you
And you must trust yourself
In knowing if you are for her
Life has a way
Work has it’s time and place
And when all is done
That’s the time to play
I’m not perfect
But I’m trying my best
Even when some days I give in to life’s test
But I’ll keep on walking
I’ll walk with you
If you walk with me
We can walk together
And I’ll be here, so if you want me
Here is where I’ll be


Stay anyway

Beauty is in the eye of the-
Oh shut up
You’re not in love
Grip up
‘But alas half-empty is my cup!’
Shut it inner-Romeo
The truth is; is that I don’t know
You’re a prospect; that’s all I know
I hope it works out because I know you’re a keeper
The others weren’t and I know this poem isn’t deep yet
But it’s going to get deeper
I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing with my life
So how the fuck could I ever dream of making you my wife
Just today
That’s all I have to ground myself in anyway
And that’s all there is to say
My breath, my brain and a lovely desperation that seems to stay
August is always hell
So come what May
I’m a bit mental
I know you can tell
But please, stay anyway

Staring at the Sun

Set myself up for a summer of ease
Burnt it all down whilst she said ‘please’
What a lovely place to sit
Sat on my throne
In a puddle of shit
Sat on my own
And I’m loving it
Everything hurts
Everything’s numb
It’s all the same
Everything’s dumb
There’s nowhere to go
There’s nowhere to run
When staring at myself
Is like staring at the sun
When I’m hugging you
I’m staring at the door
I’m thinking about thinking
With scars in my eyes
From what I saw
Now I can see
I am blind, no more
You and me
We weren’t meant to be
And two plus two equals four


Oak tables and remorse
Happily ever after
Oh no wait, a divorce
Guild of lovers in one adolescent
School called me stupid
I didn’t know what amounts to a phosphorescent
Come what may
Disney chooses my wife, porn chooses what I like
Or whether or not I’m gay
Everyone’s the same size, so don’t forget your five a day
Oh and your rent is due on pay-day
So you buy cocaine
Just to have a conversation about changing the world at 6am, over an ashtray
Oh dear, what a shame
People keep dying of heart attacks and fame
What a shame
Nothing changes, it’s all the same
At least we went out with a bang
Because that’s how everything ‘started’
Religion’s fucked, celebrities are Gods
And any self respect I had left has just departed


We argue
It’s true
We’re convinced we’ve had it hard
But we haven’t got a clue
We think about what happened then
We’re terrified of what happens now
It’s hard to think back and remember
But to remember, I don’t remember how
We argued
It’s true
But darling I promise you
I’m doing all I can
I know it’s hard to fall in love
With a faceless man




Look out the window
I wish I was there
I’m stuck in my head
I’m going nowhere
I can’t hack the thought
My body won’t move
My head’s stuck in thought
With no point to prove
I can’t be normal
I can’t work in a bar
Normal is the stepping stone to greatness
Now greatness seems so far
I think
I pray
I think it all away
A whole day goes by with one blink
Thinking about what I thought yesterday
I can’t remember what happened today
Yet, it all seems so simple
Just do it, make the call
Make the blind see
Make me be me
I’ve got all the faith
Now all I need is the leap
‘Sorry the person you are calling is not available so leave a message after the beep’
What a pathetic side of me
I’ve become someone I never thought I’d be
No matter how many times I think
Thinking won’t feed me
Thinking won’t make myself that cup of tea


I was raised on Vogue, microwave meals and cups of tea
I was told to lie, from mother to father
But I was told to tell the truth
When it came to me
Now I’m older
I still talk, I still lie
I talk to fill the void
When in reality
I’m a quiet guy
I’m a nervous guy
So I talk a lot
To girls who get annoyed
When in reality
They’re girls I shouldn’t talk to
They’re girls I should avoid
I should sleep now
I should get a job
Isn’t there a bank nearby that I could just rob?
Can I talk myself out of this one?
Should I stop talking?
Should I just leave?
Should I just go?

Over Glass

King of his castle
Sat alone with a crown
No smile on his face
He’s dressed like a clown
Gun in his hand
Make-up’s dripping
He’s got a frown
Like a freed slave
He’ll dream to leave
But he’ll return to the game
Some call him brave
Sometimes he feels it
But just like fame
It’s only there if you believe it
‘You’ve lost weight’
‘You don’t look great’
‘Please save my friend, you’ve got your life together’
He’s got too much on his plate
He’s snorting over glass and watching Batman Forever
Is that having your life together?
What ever