Writers and artists of all kinds have had major influences on my work. A common thread that runs through this work is the ability to combine several art forms to create a metaphorical world that the reader/viewer/listener can enter into.

Some of these influential figures include; Carl Gustav Jung, William Blake, Søren Kierkegaard, Kant, Graham Sutherland, Paul Nash, Kurt Cobain and Matthew Healy

Specific influences

Carl Gustav Jung was an influential figure in psychology but also in philosophy, literature, anthropology and religious studies.

Jung’s ‘Redbook’ or ‘Liber Novus’ is a book that documents his experiences throughout several visions, imaginations and dreams. This documentation is made through poetic story telling, using paintings and calligraphically written words to build a colossal insight into the different narratives and healing processes he experienced. Within my work I would also like to combine both painting and poetry in order to give the viewer as much insight into the experience as possible.

Information on Jung’s Red Book


One of the many artworks from The Red Book

William Blake also created many artworks that combined the mediums of art and poetry. The piece below, named ‘The Argument’ is one example of these works.


Matthew Healy, a member of the band ‘The 1975’ combines the use of photography with images of song lyrics in order to create a vibe or feeling for the listener to get into before a new track is released by the band.

Kurt Cobain, a late member of the band ‘Nirvana’, did not publicly release his artwork as a counterpart to his songs. However, a documentary on his life named ‘Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck‘ revealed a huge amount of his personal artwork that evidently tells his painful story whilst being combined with several tracks from his band, again, an example of art and sound or writing that forms a mood or creates a world for the audience.