Stay anyway

Beauty is in the eye of the-
Oh shut up
You’re not in love
Grip up
‘But alas half-empty is my cup!’
Shut it inner-Romeo
The truth is; is that I don’t know
You’re a prospect; that’s all I know
I hope it works out because I know you’re a keeper
The others weren’t and I know this poem isn’t deep yet
But it’s going to get deeper
I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing with my life
So how the fuck could I ever dream of making you my wife
Just today
That’s all I have to ground myself in anyway
And that’s all there is to say
My breath, my brain and a lovely desperation that seems to stay
August is always hell
So come what May
I’m a bit mental
I know you can tell
But please, stay anyway





Look out the window
I wish I was there
I’m stuck in my head
I’m going nowhere
I can’t hack the thought
My body won’t move
My head’s stuck in thought
With no point to prove
I can’t be normal
I can’t work in a bar
Normal is the stepping stone to greatness
Now greatness seems so far
I think
I pray
I think it all away
A whole day goes by with one blink
Thinking about what I thought yesterday
I can’t remember what happened today
Yet, it all seems so simple
Just do it, make the call
Make the blind see
Make me be me
I’ve got all the faith
Now all I need is the leap
‘Sorry the person you are calling is not available so leave a message after the beep’
What a pathetic side of me
I’ve become someone I never thought I’d be
No matter how many times I think
Thinking won’t feed me
Thinking won’t make myself that cup of tea


I was raised on Vogue, microwave meals and cups of tea
I was told to lie, from mother to father
But I was told to tell the truth
When it came to me
Now I’m older
I still talk, I still lie
I talk to fill the void
When in reality
I’m a quiet guy
I’m a nervous guy
So I talk a lot
To girls who get annoyed
When in reality
They’re girls I shouldn’t talk to
They’re girls I should avoid
I should sleep now
I should get a job
Isn’t there a bank nearby that I could just rob?
Can I talk myself out of this one?
Should I stop talking?
Should I just leave?
Should I just go?

Over Glass

King of his castle
Sat alone with a crown
No smile on his face
He’s dressed like a clown
Gun in his hand
Make-up’s dripping
He’s got a frown
Like a freed slave
He’ll dream to leave
But he’ll return to the game
Some call him brave
Sometimes he feels it
But just like fame
It’s only there if you believe it
‘You’ve lost weight’
‘You don’t look great’
‘Please save my friend, you’ve got your life together’
He’s got too much on his plate
He’s snorting over glass and watching Batman Forever
Is that having your life together?
What ever

Skinny Left Arm

My life is a comedy
My life is a tragedy
Thank god I don’t take myself seriously
The past was a profanity
My future isn’t so much
At least I hope not
I think I want to be in a band
I guess I’d like that a lot
Long hair
Skinny left arm
I get by with my accent and lucid charm
I wish I was my therapists son
I wish I didn’t wish I was my therapists son
I write with my right arm
Don’t do much with my left one
Down go the moons
Up come the suns
Brush your teeth
Clean your gums
Wake at midday
Low adrenaline, but I’m okay
Got nothing to say
Achy head, go away
Skinny left arm
Again it’s numb
Don’t eat enough, but that’s okay
I woke up at noon
Skinny left arm
I’ll tattoo you soon
We’ll make it to where we want to be
We’ll be somewhere worth being soon

Bars In My Head

It’s a game
It’s the time of year, we play
Oh, what a shame
Still single, can’t mingle the same way
No more no
Clutching for fame
I’m a member of the bars in my head anyway
But oh, what a shame
“I’m done with you and I haven’t cried today”
For me, nothing is up and nothing is down
For you, I always played the clown
But you, you always seemed to put me down
So I take it down
Just like my sisters
I move around
New soho is the home I’ve found
No shadows to talk about
No girls to sing about
Is it bad?
Is this the happy some people sing about?
I’m alone
But I’m not lonely
You can scream
You can shout
You can squint
You can pout
Just to get your way with me
Just to have something to talk about, no doubt
But something has changed in me
I’m writing without you now
I’m writing without anyone to write about

Love to love her

Old flavours die hard
Her love may be different
But her hate will be the same
I’ll taste the same taste
Yeah, I could give up
But giving up would be a waste
Is her vanity a real currency?
If she can’t stomach the look of her own face?
I don’t know who I am
So how could she love me?
No matter her time, no matter her place
Wealthy or poor, I’ll ask her for more
Then I’ll forget myself, without a trace
And her face will take the place of my own face
And this is where I’m swallowed by my own embrace
So then I try to love her but I lose interest
I lose interest because love is a long walk with somebody else
But I run alone, like it’s a race
I run alone, until I lose the trail
Yeah, I would love to love her
But if I tried, I know I’d fail
Yeah, I would love to love her
But in chasing somebody else
I know in reality
I’m chasing my own tail