Stay anyway

Beauty is in the eye of the-
Oh shut up
You’re not in love
Grip up
‘But alas half-empty is my cup!’
Shut it inner-Romeo
The truth is; is that I don’t know
You’re a prospect; that’s all I know
I hope it works out because I know you’re a keeper
The others weren’t and I know this poem isn’t deep yet
But it’s going to get deeper
I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing with my life
So how the fuck could I ever dream of making you my wife
Just today
That’s all I have to ground myself in anyway
And that’s all there is to say
My breath, my brain and a lovely desperation that seems to stay
August is always hell
So come what May
I’m a bit mental
I know you can tell
But please, stay anyway





Look out the window
I wish I was there
I’m stuck in my head
I’m going nowhere
I can’t hack the thought
My body won’t move
My head’s stuck in thought
With no point to prove
I can’t be normal
I can’t work in a bar
Normal is the stepping stone to greatness
Now greatness seems so far
I think
I pray
I think it all away
A whole day goes by with one blink
Thinking about what I thought yesterday
I can’t remember what happened today
Yet, it all seems so simple
Just do it, make the call
Make the blind see
Make me be me
I’ve got all the faith
Now all I need is the leap
‘Sorry the person you are calling is not available so leave a message after the beep’
What a pathetic side of me
I’ve become someone I never thought I’d be
No matter how many times I think
Thinking won’t feed me
Thinking won’t make myself that cup of tea