Life II

Do it because you love it
Love her because you love it
Fight hard because you want it
Rest hard when you need it
If you know yourself
Stick by it
Trust yourself
And do the best you can by it
Don’t ask her to pat you on the head
To kiss it better
Make her a cup of tea whilst you’re crying with sadness
And hug together when you’re both visited by madness
Natural giving
A life worth living
Some bad days will happen
And awful days too
But life has a plan waiting in the shadows
Waiting for you
She will love you
She will hate you
But you must trust yourself
Then you will know if she is for you
And you must trust yourself
In knowing if you are for her
Life has a way
Work has it’s time and place
And when all is done
That’s the time to play
I’m not perfect
But I’m trying my best
Even when some days I give in to life’s test
But I’ll keep on walking
I’ll walk with you
If you walk with me
We can walk together
And I’ll be here, so if you want me
Here is where I’ll be


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