Look out the window
I wish I was there
I’m stuck in my head
I’m going nowhere
I can’t hack the thought
My body won’t move
My head’s stuck in thought
With no point to prove
I can’t be normal
I can’t work in a bar
Normal is the stepping stone to greatness
Now greatness seems so far
I think
I pray
I think it all away
A whole day goes by with one blink
Thinking about what I thought yesterday
I can’t remember what happened today
Yet, it all seems so simple
Just do it, make the call
Make the blind see
Make me be me
I’ve got all the faith
Now all I need is the leap
‘Sorry the person you are calling is not available so leave a message after the beep’
What a pathetic side of me
I’ve become someone I never thought I’d be
No matter how many times I think
Thinking won’t feed me
Thinking won’t make myself that cup of tea



I was raised on Vogue, microwave meals and cups of tea
I was told to lie, from mother to father
But I was told to tell the truth
When it came to me
Now I’m older
I still talk, I still lie
I talk to fill the void
When in reality
I’m a quiet guy
I’m a nervous guy
So I talk a lot
To girls who get annoyed
When in reality
They’re girls I shouldn’t talk to
They’re girls I should avoid
I should sleep now
I should get a job
Isn’t there a bank nearby that I could just rob?
Can I talk myself out of this one?
Should I stop talking?
Should I just leave?
Should I just go?

Over Glass

King of his castle
Sat alone with a crown
No smile on his face
He’s dressed like a clown
Gun in his hand
Make-up’s dripping
He’s got a frown
Like a freed slave
He’ll dream to leave
But he’ll return to the game
Some call him brave
Sometimes he feels it
But just like fame
It’s only there if you believe it
‘You’ve lost weight’
‘You don’t look great’
‘Please save my friend, you’ve got your life together’
He’s got too much on his plate
He’s snorting over glass and watching Batman Forever
Is that having your life together?
What ever

Femme Fatale

You’d think I’d get tired of this poetic rant stuff
But fuck it
I wish I had you
I don’t even like you
Just like the others
A femme fatale, or what have you
Ear plugs and I can’t sleep, even if I wanted to
Same song, always on repeat
No drive, but I still want you
Your tattoo sucks and it’ll never delete
What a shame,
A painting with no view
A joke with no cue
A brain with no clue
A tease with no cum
A laugh with no fun
Hot but she’s dumb
Exactly what my dad said about my mum
Oh life
What fun

Red Velvet

Red velvet
Not the cupcakes
Only the shirts
I’ve got the shakes
But I like the way it hurts
I forgot to eat again
I forget always
I forgot to sleep again
Eyes open for days
Red velvet
Expensive taste
No silk duvet of flesh will cover my ribcage
I’ve been reading you for years
I’m on the same page
Red velvet
She’s the one who pleasures
I’m the one who pays
Through the tongue
Or gum
Or nose, always
Inhaling it all
Red velvet