Skinny Left Arm

My life is a comedy
My life is a tragedy
Thank god I don’t take myself seriously
The past was a profanity
My future isn’t so much
At least I hope not
I think I want to be in a band
I guess I’d like that a lot
Long hair
Skinny left arm
I get by with my accent and lucid charm
I wish I was my therapists son
I wish I didn’t wish I was my therapists son
I write with my right arm
Don’t do much with my left one
Down go the moons
Up come the suns
Brush your teeth
Clean your gums
Wake at midday
Low adrenaline, but I’m okay
Got nothing to say
Achy head, go away
Skinny left arm
Again it’s numb
Don’t eat enough, but that’s okay
I woke up at noon
Skinny left arm
I’ll tattoo you soon
We’ll make it to where we want to be
We’ll be somewhere worth being soon