Bars In My Head

It’s a game
It’s the time of year, we play
Oh, what a shame
Still single, can’t mingle the same way
No more no
Clutching for fame
I’m a member of the bars in my head anyway
But oh, what a shame
“I’m done with you and I haven’t cried today”
For me, nothing is up and nothing is down
For you, I always played the clown
But you, you always seemed to put me down
So I take it down
Just like my sisters
I move around
New soho is the home I’ve found
No shadows to talk about
No girls to sing about
Is it bad?
Is this the happy some people sing about?
I’m alone
But I’m not lonely
You can scream
You can shout
You can squint
You can pout
Just to get your way with me
Just to have something to talk about, no doubt
But something has changed in me
I’m writing without you now
I’m writing without anyone to write about


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