So now you’ve made me smile
Your name is on my block
It’s been a while
Since someone’s eyes had picked my lock
Sad again
But I promise you I’ll see you again
l do
I just don’t know how
I just don’t know when
I know you’re cleverer than me
But feelings are stupid you see
So what do I do?
No don’t be down, don’t be blue
Because one day you’ll be who you want to be
You won’t paint your face to feel valued
You’ll find the value in being you
No don’t believe me, just be true
Is it in my mind?
Is it in her?
I’m head over heals
So I’m on the hard shoulder
I’m texting back fast
So I’m driving away, to find her at last
I survived the blast
I couldn’t find my memories
So they’re all a blur
So who’d have thought
To find myself I’d have to find her


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