If I pretend I’m fine

Buy your clothes, look at the screen
Do anything you can to avoid your inner scream
I can hear the voices too, I know
But I’m on the right path you know I know
Someday I won’t ask you if I’m okay because you’ll know that I know
When I was a little boy I had a dream
I was the golden boy, we all know
But I didn’t know what it would all mean
I keep looking for the light in you but there’s darkness in me
So there’s no light for me to see
No perpetrators; no victims
When there’s no game; nobody wins
And I’m better than I’ve ever been before
But I still want what is not mine
My mind always wants more; more love more lust more time
The search for freedom will give me chains
But the search for self has no sign
And I know I’ll finally swallow the key;

If I pretend I’m fine