My Complex

Beaten by my complex
Scared of intimacy, scared of sex
Can’t connect
Just like most men
But they’ll go out anyway and buy you a Mercedes Benz
You’re unavailable
I see you through that lens
But that’s my anima, it’s not you
And soon your colours won’t be red or blue
All women are beautiful
It’s just our own complex that paints them differently
All women are a complete canvas
But it’s our own fragmented selves that paint the colours we see
It’s our own eyes that blind us from becoming free
I don’t know love
But through hard work and talking to a man
I will learn to love
Because I know I can
A strong male is not six foot two
With his life in a Tupperware box
And his mind in the gym too
When a boy scrapes his knee
He can cry like a girl
Because girls are strong too
I will learn to love
I will learn to love me
A boy is strong if he lets himself be
A man is strong if he is also weak
But I’m chasing your canvas, that I have painted myself
When loving myself is what I truly seek