If I’m Without You

Alone again
Forgot her name but I’ll have a guess
I feel like a bed and breakfast with optional sex
But to be honest I couldn’t care less
Voices keep on asking
‘When will this all stop? When will this all end?’
I’d love to find love
But in the name of it, your arm I’ll never bend
Don’t care at all
Not surprised or appalled
I’ll live my life and if the love I feel is two hundred miles away
Then I’ll drive there today
But today is not that day
Sick and fed up and challenged in love
My hippocampus lacks serotonin, dopamine and all of the above
I’m sorry dad
I’d like to be the son that made you glad
Sorry wife, sorry son or daughter
You’ll have to wait
Because today I’m all rain and no water
Call it fate
But I won’t wait for you
Or double text or look for someone new
I’ll sit back, relax, because that’s all I can do
Hangovers waste days
But they’re all wasted anyway if I’m without you


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