I Met You Once

I feel so stupid.

A lot of friends, a lot of drugs again and I’m running from that arsehole called Cupid

I met you once and I know it’s dumb

Maybe one day my time will come

I met you once and I’m writing about you

I’m up late again but now I’m thinking of us two

And you’ll never read this

I felt so much but there wasn’t even a kiss

Maybe I don’t know how to love but I know what I felt

And I wish I could feel your body

And now I’m not thinking of anybody else

And I’m thinking about your body

When I know you’re in love with somebody else

But every touch of yours felt like an earthquake

Your words were water straight from a Swiss mountain lake

Swept out with the tide

For God’s sake.

I wish I could fall asleep with you by my side.

And I wish you could be there when I was awake.



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