Old Tastes

You’re older, you’re more attractive
Yet you’re sat in this same old bar
You’d call it cool
I’d call it maladaptive
Another pose, woopdy-doo
Another like on another post of a picture of you
Same old guys, still dumb as hell,
‘No this one’s different’
I’m so sorry, I couldn’t tell
It seems like nothing changes
Like it all stays the same
‘Oh I love dreams, what do mine mean?’
You’ll entertain my interests for as long as you’d remember my name
You’ll refer to me as a place you’d ‘Already been’
You’re older, still attractive
But you’re still so radioactive
Years since the bomb dropped
Years since the park opened
But I still want one last ride
But just because what we had once lived, doesn’t mean it hasn’t died


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