My Dad

You are far away but I will love you forever
Sending me letters because you lost your voice
We would play together
On Christmas Day or whenever
Dad, I will love you forever
Cool as ice
You gave me what you could
You left her to burn me, more than twice
But you did your best, as you always would
You’d never shut up, you’d never back down, you’d never turn around
I went mad because of your voice, But I learned to love the sound
Father, you give me what you can
A lot or a little but you always had a plan
Bossy, scared but you always cared
Got your kit? Got your shoes?
You’d never let me win, you’d never let me lose
We’d play together, we’d play whenever
Dad, I will love you forever


Old Tastes

You’re older, you’re more attractive
Yet you’re sat in this same old bar
You’d call it cool
I’d call it maladaptive
Another pose, woopdy-doo
Another like on another post of a picture of you
Same old guys, still dumb as hell,
‘No this one’s different’
I’m so sorry, I couldn’t tell
It seems like nothing changes
Like it all stays the same
‘Oh I love dreams, what do mine mean?’
You’ll entertain my interests for as long as you’d remember my name
You’ll refer to me as a place you’d ‘Already been’
You’re older, still attractive
But you’re still so radioactive
Years since the bomb dropped
Years since the park opened
But I still want one last ride
But just because what we had once lived, doesn’t mean it hasn’t died

The concept of life

The concept of life
No one really told me
‘Poor me’
Guess I’ll start now
Parents have no idea, even less than me
I knew that since I was the age of three
I won’t take another row
With dad’s help
I got out on the back of education
Taught myself through the weekend the highest elevation
I taught myself everything I know,
With the help of you
I couldn’t say no
Staring out the window of a train
Maybe I’ll find the concept of life
Listening to my daydreams
Daydreaming of one day having a wife
Let’s see
Because if I don’t start loving myself
Who could love me?