Women Like Lines // My Anima

Women like lines
You do nothing for me, even when you try,
Maybe a shot of energy, a nice quick high,
But you’re no good for me, even though you’re what I need,
I’ll breath you in and fall in love,
I know you’re a sin, but there’s no Lord above,
You don’t meet my needs, my hungry stomach, your love never feeds,
But again, I’ll find myself on my knees, begging for more, another weekend, another tease, another sniff and again I’m poor,
Out to dinner, you’re crying again,
Your white darkness is alluring even then,
But I break, because the purpose of you is to equally feed me as I do you,
For gods sake, because mentally my mum was my daughter and it’ll be the same for you, no matter what I do,
Are you okay? Are you okay?
I check up on you,
Only to find out you want me to leave and to find someone new,
Trouble is, is that I try, and when you try you don’t do,
Trouble is, I am my father’s son and his blood is mine,
Half the pints are burning red but the blood he gave me was freezing blue, So I tell my father I’m fine.
So I’ll find another woman, another line.


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