Remembering Oklahoma; John Doe 2.

The recent bombings in Syria have reminded me of this piece of poetry that I wrote about Timothy McVeigh and the 1995 Oklahoma bombing. 168 deaths occurred and a second suspect known as John Doe 2 was never found;

John Doe 2, God knows who,
Look so blue,
He could be you,
Rolling with the punches,
He lunges,
Stops and plunges,
Swords to heart,
Doors off hinges,
Bomb’s in the car,
Home’s blown apart,
Knowing nothing,
Eye witness ducking,
There’s no where to go,
No where to hide,
Who will find John Doe 2 though?
Who in their right mind and why?
Higher cause higher love gets you nowhere,
Lower payment, harder life causes no one to care,
Needs not met,
Nowhere to go,
A bomb in the back,
No one will know,
One hundred and sixty eight down and smiling,
Words fail how far he’s gone,
T.N.T on the shopping list,
An injection was his rocket to the planet he’s on,
Hell’s not enough, they said,
His mind had an idea,
An idea cost five thousand,
Mind became matter anon,
One hundred and sixty eight lives cost the idea and the idea sent him to where he’s gone.



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